Organic waste gas purification system

Organic waste gas purification system

RTO concept

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, RTO for short), a regenerative oxidation furnace. The principle is to oxidize organic waste gas (VOCs) to the corresponding oxides and water at high temperature to purify the waste gas. The purification efficiency of the waste gas is more than 99% and the heat recovery efficiency is more than 95%.

RTO process principle

● The organic waste gas is heated to above 760 ° C, and the VOCs are oxidized and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.
● RTO design controls 3T, temperature, residence time, turbulence coefficient

Technical characteristics
● VOCs removal efficiency is high, generally> 99%
● Thermal storage efficiency> 95%
● Can handle multiple components, almost all organic waste gas
● Self-heating operation can be realized under appropriate exhaust gas concentration (such as toluene 1.5g / Nm³)
Scope of application

Printing industry Semiconductor industry Petrochemical industry


Coating industry Coating industry Pharmaceutical industry

● Suitable for spray painting, painting, coating, chemical, petrochemical and other industries.

● Air volume: 1000 ~ 1000000Nm3 / h
● Components: The components are complex, have no recycling value, and are difficult to reuse.
● Concentration: 1000mg / Nm³ < Concentration < 25% LEL
Engineering case