Qualification honor

After ten years of development, innovation and deepening, the company has always been committed to the management of organic waste gas. Up to now, Tongsheng Environmental Protection has repeatedly obtained the qualifications and honors issued by various departments ...
China's Top Ten Contributors to Ecological Environment Protection in 2013
2014 Guangzhou Innovation Fund Project Acceptance Certificate
Council Member of the Fifth Council of Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association in 2016
Member units of Guangzhou Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Technology Application Exchange Promotion Association in 2016
2016 Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate
2017 Guangdong Province Environmental Pollution Control Qualification Industry Certification 2017 National VOCs Monitoring and Control Innovation Achievement Outstanding Innovation Technology Award
2017 National VOCs Monitoring and Governance Innovation Achievement Outstanding Innovation Equipment (Governance Category) Award
2017 Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Group Membership Certificate
2017 ISO14001 environmental management system certification
2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
2019 ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
01 营业执照
02 广东省高新技术企业
07 安全生产许可证
08 广东省环境污染治理资格行业认定证书(废气乙级)

Tongsheng Patent


Invention patent: Monolithic catalyst with heat storage function and its equipment ( patent number ZL 2009 10038326.2 )
Invention patent: exhaust gas purification system (patent number ZL 2016 10552337.2 )
专利号 ZL 2016 10551301.2 Invention patent: Thermal energy recovery system for thermal storage catalytic decomposition bed ( patent number ZL 2016 10551301.2 )
( 专利号 ZL 2015 2 0185412.7) Utility model patent: wet dust-proof and explosion-proof collection system ( patent number ZL 2015 2 0185412.7)
专利号 ZL 2016 2 0646463.X Utility model patent: a kind of dust cleaning tube for the filter cartridge of the dust collector ( patent number ZL 2016 2 0646463.X )
( 专利号 ZL 2016 2 0646464.4) Utility model patent: a high temperature soot collection hood ( patent number ZL 2016 2 0646464.4)
Utility model patent: an activated carbon adsorption tank structure ( patent number ZL 2016 2 0646614.1)
( 专利号 ZL 2016 2 0646617.5 ) Utility model patent: a heat storage structure of a thermal storage catalytic decomposition bed ( patent number ZL 2016 2 0646617.5 )