Exhaust gas purification project engineering case

Dust Treatment

Customer Name: Zhuzhou Feilu Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.


Exhaust gas type: chemical coating

Customer pain points:

1. There are problems with some exhaust gas collection devices (including the regulation of dust and organic exhaust air volume).

2. Part of the workshop has a strong odor, poor exhaust gas collection, and fugitive emissions.

3. The equipment is aging and the processing effect of the tail equipment is not ideal.

customer demand:

1. Collect and process fugitive emissions.

2. Strengthen the workshop collection effect and improve the workshop environment.

3. Stable discharge after purification treatment.


Dust-containing organic waste gas: "Cartridge dust collector + dry filter + activated carbon adsorption (offline hot air desorption) + RCO"

Dust-free organic waste gas: "Dry filter + activated carbon adsorption (offline hot air desorption) + RCO"


Live photo


Activated carbon adsorption bed


Activated carbon desorption + RCO system


Project effect

1. Exhaust gas collection efficiency reaches 90%.

2. The exhaust gas treatment efficiency is as high as 96%.

3. The workshop environment is significantly improved and the odor is reduced.

4. After discharge, it meets the "Emission Standards of Air Pollutants for Coatings, Inks and Adhesive Industries" (DB37824-2019)

Customer Reviews

1. The collection effect is good and the working environment of the workshop is improved.

2. High processing efficiency and stable processing emissions.

3. Simple equipment operation, operation and maintenance, high safety performance.

4. Low operating costs and high economic benefits.

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