Exhaust gas purification project engineering case

Dust Treatment

Customer Name: Guangzhou Zhufeng Color Printing Paper Co., Ltd.


Exhaust gas type: printing industry

Customer pain points:

1. Poor collection results in the workshop.

2. The treatment effect of the original equipment is poor, and it does not meet the emission standards.

3. Some production lines lack collection and processing equipment.

4. Increasingly strict environmental requirements.

customer demand:

1. Improve workshop environment and strengthen collection effect.

2. High economic benefits.

3. The treatment effect reaches the emission standard.


"Combined filter + adsorption (concentration) + hot air desorption + thermal storage catalytic decomposition"


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(Collection pipeline)


(Activated carbon adsorption bed)


(Activated carbon adsorption (hot air desorption) + RCO system)


Project effect

1. The exhaust gas collection effect is good.

2. The treatment effect is up to 97%.

3 The workshop environment has been significantly improved to ensure the safety of workers.

4. Meet the Guangdong Province local standard "Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Printing Industry" (DB44 / 815-2010), Table 2 Period II Emission Limits

Customer Reviews

1. The collection effect is good, the workshop environment is improved, and the harm of the exhaust gas to the operators is reduced.

2. Advanced technology, stable equipment operation and high processing efficiency.

3. Simple equipment operation, operation and maintenance, high safety performance.

4. Simple equipment operation, operation and maintenance, high safety performance.

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