Project case of foul gas purification project

Dust Treatment

Customer Name: Qinhuangdao Sanyi Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Exhaust gas type: Odor from hazardous waste warehouse treatment center

Customer pain points:

1. Poor air quality and high pollution in the warehouse.

2. Lack of odor treatment equipment.

3. Increasingly strict environmental protection requirements do not meet the emission limit of the standard.

customer demand:

1. Improve warehouse environment.

2. The treatment effect is stable and up to standard discharge.

3. High economic benefits


Adopt "pre-dust removal + alkaline washing + photocatalytic oxidation + activated carbon adsorption device"

Live photo


(Classification workshop deodorization system installation drawing)


(Classification workshop collection duct layout)


(Classification workshop system completion map)


Project effect

1. The collection effect is good, and the collection efficiency reaches 93%.

2. Processing efficiency up to 95%

3. The workshop environment and air quality have been significantly improved.

4. Plant limit value of odorous substances in the "Emission Standards for Odor Pollutants" (GB14554-93) Level 1 Standard Emission Limits

Customer Reviews

1. The collection effect is good and the air quality of the warehouse is improved.

2. The equipment runs stably and has high processing efficiency.

3. Simple equipment operation, operation and maintenance, high safety performance.

4. The treatment effect is good, and the discharge is up to standard.

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