Typical engineering case of organic waste gas treatment

Engineering Case

Guangzhou Tongsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on environmental protection for 17 years and has accumulated rich experience in the industry. So far, it has completed hundreds of standards-compliant projects.

The company's continuous technological innovation and various environmental protection projects undertaken over the years have been well received by customers. The business scope covers organic waste gas, industrial dust, combustible dust, welding fume, acid and alkaline waste gas, odor treatment, etc., and has extensive engineering design, construction, installation and commissioning experience.

Over the years, we have used actions to prove service quality, and will make every environmental protection project into a demonstration project, green project, and assured project, so that customers have no worries. At present, product supply has spread all over the country

Guangzhou Yanfeng


Exhaust type: organic exhaust

Treatment process:

Construction time: 2018

Air volume:

Equipment Quantity: