Exhaust gas purification project engineering case

Dust Treatment

Customer Name: Heshan Jiangfen Magnetic Materials New Material Co., Ltd.


Exhaust type: magnetic material

Customer pain points:

1. Poor exhaust gas collection in the workshop.

2. No exhaust gas purification equipment.

3. Does not meet emission standards.

customer demand:

1. Improve workshop environment and strengthen collection effect.

2. The exhaust gas meets the standard after being treated by the equipment.


"Pre-filtration + activated carbon adsorption (hot air desorption) + regenerative catalytic decomposition"


Live photo


Exhaust gas collection pipe


Activated carbon adsorption bed + thermal storage catalytic decomposition device


System completion map


Project effect

1. The collection efficiency reaches 90%, which improves the working environment of the workshop. .

2. The processing efficiency is as high as 97%, and the processing efficiency is stable.

3. Meets Guangdong local standard "Volume Organic Compounds Emission Standards for Furniture Manufacturing Industry" (DB44 / 814-2010) Table 1 Period II and "Emission Standard of Odor Pollutants" GB14554-93 Table 2 value.

4. Reduce the harm of exhaust gas to workers and the surrounding environment.

Customer Reviews

1. The workshop environment is improved and the collection efficiency is good.

2. The equipment runs stably, the processing efficiency is high, and the discharge reaches the standard stably.

3. Advanced technology, simple operation and high safety.