Acid-base exhaust gas treatment system


Horizontal exhaust gas purification system / vertical exhaust gas purification system
Equipment working principle

The exhaust gas enters the high-efficiency packing tower through the action of the induced draft fan. The upper end of the packing tower sprays the absorption liquid to be evenly distributed on the packing. The exhaust gas and the absorption liquid are in full contact with the surface of the packing. The characteristics of high and large surface, the exhaust gas and the absorption liquid have more contact area and reaction time on the filler surface. Almost all water-soluble substances in the exhaust gas are adsorbed in the absorption liquid. Hcl, cl2, NOx, NH3 in the exhaust gas Other substances react with the absorption liquid to generate harmless salts and water, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying the exhaust gas. The evolved gas will be saturated with water, and will be directly discharged into the atmosphere after the water is removed by the demister device. The absorption liquid is used cyclically, and the absorption liquid is prepared according to the nature of the pollutant.


Vertical spray tower


Non-blocking spiral nozzle


FRP fan



Equipment structure and characteristics

★ The device itself includes the body, the filler layer, the defogging layer, the circulating spray water pipeline, and the circulating water tank;
★ The body of the washing tower contains exhaust gas inlets, outlets, windows and the structure inside the tower to support and fix the equipment to ensure that the equipment is corrosion resistant and increases its service life;
★ The fillers filled in the filler layer are selected according to the purification of different gases. Generally, there are Raschig rings, hollow balls, garlands, and saddle-shaped fillers.
★ The defogging layer uses high-efficiency defogging plate as defogging agent, and its water vapor removal rate can reach 99%;
★ Circular spraying water pipeline is mainly used to send circulating water to the spraying system. The spraying system is mainly a circularly arranged nozzle. The selected nozzle has the characteristics of difficult to block, large spraying angle, and uniform droplet distribution;
★ The circulating water tank is integrated with the spray tower body, and has water inlet and drainage outlet;
★ Select suitable materials according to the composition and temperature of the pollutants, mainly FRP, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, stainless steel;

System composition

★ FRP / PP / PVC / steel inner coating ECTFE washing tower body;
★ High mass transfer efficiency, low pressure loss plastic packing (PP / PP + G);
★ Efficient demister;
★ Acid and alkali resistant circulating water pump;
★ High efficiency FRP fan;
★ pH meter / ORP meter / conductivity meter / level gauge / differential pressure gauge and other instrument control systems are integrated;


Horizontal spray tower