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广州同胜环保科技有限公司成立于2003年,是一家专业从事有机废气、工业粉尘、可燃性粉尘、焊接烟尘、酸碱性废气、异味治理等工业废气治理的环保公司,为国内最早应用吸附催化燃烧工艺治理有机废气的公司之一。 Guangzhou Tongguang Tongsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is an environmental protection company specializing in the treatment of industrial waste gas such as organic waste gas, industrial dust, combustible dust, welding fume, acid and alkaline waste gas, and odor treatment. It is the earliest application in China. Adsorption Catalytic Combustion Process is one of the companies that treat organic waste gas. After years of development, the company has become a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and system integration.
在有机废气治理方面,主营产品有分子筛(沸石)转轮吸附浓缩再生+热氧化装置、活性炭吸附浓缩(热空气/热氮气脱附)+热氧化装置、蓄热式低温催化燃烧装置(RCO)和蓄热燃烧装置(RTO),适用于不同行业、不同溶剂成分、不同工序的废气的处理,广泛应用于集装箱、摩托车、印刷包装、鞋材、化工、大型铝型材等行业。 In terms of organic and organic waste gas treatment, the main products are molecular sieve (zeolite) runner adsorption concentration regeneration + thermal oxidation device, activated carbon adsorption concentration (hot air / hot nitrogen desorption) + thermal oxidation device, thermal storage low-temperature catalytic combustion device (RCO) and Regenerative Combustion Device (RTO) are suitable for the treatment of exhaust gas in different industries, different solvent compositions and different processes, and are widely used in containers, motorcycles, printing and packaging, shoe materials, chemicals, large aluminum profiles and other industries. The thermal storage catalytic decomposition technology of the drying machine drying waste gas treatment project undertaken by Dongguan Huangjiang Chengyuan Shoe Material Product Factory was selected into the 2016 National Catalog of Advanced Pollution Prevention Technology (VOCs Prevention Field) recommended by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
在工业粉尘处理方面,主营产品有可燃性粉尘处理系统及一般工业粉尘处理用的滤筒除尘器、布袋除尘器、固定移动式工业焊烟净化器、湿式除尘器。 In the field of industrial dust treatment, the main products are flammable dust treatment systems and filter cartridge dust collectors for general industrial dust treatment, bag dust collectors, fixed mobile industrial welding smoke purifiers, and wet dust collectors. As the author of the new national standard and new specification "Safety Technical Specifications for Dust Removal Systems for Dangerous Dust Explosion Sites", our company can not only provide a complete set of plans for explosive dust removal systems, but also provide services for the production, installation and commissioning of the entire dust removal system. The entire system meets the requirements of new standards and specifications.
拥公司拥有自主的生产加工基地。 The company owns its own production and processing base. Over the years, our company has continued extensive technical exchanges and close cooperation with South China University of Technology and Sun Yat-sen University. It is a co-construction unit of the “National Engineering Laboratory for Volatile Organic Compound Pollution Control Technology and Equipment”, a co-construction unit of Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Industrial Organic Waste Gas (VOCs) Pollution Control Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Member, director unit of Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association. Years of environmental protection equipment and engineering practice experience have provided us with a solid technical foundation. The company continues to strictly control product quality, engineering quality and ensure perfect customer service processes. With "customer needs, what we think" as its purpose, technological innovation as the core, and good reputation, it provides high-quality product engineering and technical services to customers and friends.


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