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Guangzhou Tongsheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection company specializing in the treatment and treatment of industrial waste gas such as organic waste gas, industrial dust, combustible dust, welding fumes, acid and alkaline waste gas, and odor treatment . It is the earliest domestic application of adsorption + catalytic combustion process treatment Organic waste gas company.
After years of development, the company has become an innovative environmental protection enterprise integrating scientific research, product engineering design, equipment manufacturing, and contracting of large and medium-sized exhaust gas treatment projects .

The company has its own production and processing base. As a high-tech enterprise in the environmental protection industry, Tongsheng has been investing a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development of new processes, new technologies and new equipment for environmental governance. R & D and application team with strong development capabilities.
The company self-funded to establish a pilot plant for organic waste gas purification equipment to develop and research purification processes for organic waste gas in different industries. Combining engineering and experimental databases established after practical engineering applications, to understand the parameters resident in practical applications, and then to select efficient, stable, and cost-effective purification equipment and processes for the treatment of organic waste gas.
For many years, it has continued extensive technical exchanges and close cooperation with South China University of Technology and Sun Yat-sen University, and has established a cooperative laboratory to jointly develop organic waste gas purification devices and components. The performance indicators of the products have reached the domestic advanced level.


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Our services

Organic waste gas
VOCs are a class of organic compounds with physical volatility and chemical reactivity .
Dust treatment
Provide production, installation, and commissioning services for the entire dust removal system
Welding smoke purification
Purification produces a large number of suspended fine metal particles during welding and cutting
Acid-base exhaust
Choose the right material according to the composition and temperature of the pollutant

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Engineering Case



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